I’m from Miyazaki prefecture.
Miyazaki has a lot of nature, beautiful ocean, beach mountain and forest!
At night, The sky is really beautiful.
Sometimes we’re taking while looking at the night sky🌌
On the other hand, I longed for fashion, events, and theater…etc at the time.

Since I’ve lived in Tokyo, I miss nature, and then I’m becoming like nature little by little!(before I was bored to live in countryside)

Last Monday, I went to a Takao mountain 🏔️
It’s been a while to felt the air of nature and walked a lot!

Also I went to to the park with my friend
We lay down and read the book with favorite alcoholic.
That’s a relaxing and luxurious time!

Now I’m really glad that I’m becoming like my hometown! I didn’t expect it!
It’s my precious place✨

Let’s spend good time in the nature together!