Hello every one!!
I’m Arisa!

I joined MEYTOKYO from April this year,it has been three month.Time flies so fast.
I write a blog for the first time in my life.

Today,I introduce my favorite a delicious Udon. Is there any restaurant that you often go to? I love Udon so much so I often go to eat Udon!!

My favorite restaurant is 「umenosato」
It takes about 30 minutes from my hometown by car. This town is a countryside
with a lot of plants and trees. Umenosoto is familyoperated, so I like the warm atomosphere and loved by locals.
I always eat Kamojiludon and Tenpura It taste so good.
This is the best Kamijil I ever tasted. It was so good,I was finished eating before I knew it.

If you come to Saitama you must try this!
I have a lot of favorite restaurants.
I introduce my favorite restaurant and also!

See you next month!