Hi everyone!
I’m Hina.
It’s been getting cooler recently. Autumn has

What do you like to do in Autumn? Autumn is the season for eating, sports, the arts etc… Autumn is the good season to do anything!

I especially like to go for a walk above all the others. We can feel autumn comfortable wheather, autumn smells(especially osmanthus) when we hang around.
Autumn sky is a very clear and air is a soft. Moonlight and stars are really brilliant! That’s so much feel autumn.

My last day off day I took a walk around in the neighborhood. Do you know
“Setagaya-line”? That is rocal train which can go to sangenjaya to shimotakaido. In this line, stations are so close each other. So we can walk around Setagaya-line’s stations.
Along the Setagaya line have many coffee shop, little restaurants, bakeries, 2nd-hand clothing shops and more…!
I recommend walk around along the Setagaya-line so much! That make your autumn day off day better!

If you walk around anywhere in autumn please thell me how do you feel! I’m excited to meet you in our salon! Have a nice Autumn season!