The Olaplex pretreatment serum that can be an add-on to your salon experience, and shampoo and conditioner for homecare are all available at MEY TOKYO. It is a customer favorite!
It is said that 80% of hair is made of protein, essentially the foundation of hair. The key to nurturing healthy hair is the existence of “bonds” that bind the proteins with each other. What Olaplex can do is to strengthen the structure of hair, repairing the broken protein bonds of the damage done by coloring, perming, or just day to day life. Especially when paired with color/perm solutions as pretreatment, the Olaplex technology can alleviate up to 70% of the damage that would be done without it.
Think of it like this: a traditional treatment could repair the damage, but what Olaplex would do is to protect the damage from happening in the first place.
If you are thinking about growing out your hair, it’s super important to not let the damage accumulate while letting your hair grow.
At MEY TOKYO we provide the pretreatment care for +2200 yen; with other salons in Harajuku charging 3300 yen, and 4400 yen in other international salons in Tokyo, it is a comparatively reasonable price. If you would like to experience the long lasting effect of Olaplex, we recommend you try the homecare solution to be used 2-3 times a week, or the shampoo and conditioner for daily use.
Our customers tell us that they have experienced better hair textures after the continued use of Olaplex too.

For anyone who would like highlights, balayage, bleaching without damaging your hair,
For anyone who would like to have long, beautiful hair,
For anyone experiencing dryness and damage in your hair,
For anyone who would like to rejuvenate your hair,
We highly recommend you try Olaplex– you’re not going to regret it!